The Life Rewards Plan™. When you partner with 4Life®, you’re choosing a better financial future for yourself and your family. In this brochure, you’ll learn how to. Our compensation plan offers unlimited potential—to everyone. We have some of the most generous payouts in the industry. There’s Rapid Rewards, the Power. The 4Life compensation plan is the most scientifically designed pay plan in the world. It is revolutionary when you understand all the reasons behind each bonus .

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Each month a distributor qualifies as a Gold Int. The Great Escape monthly retreat and annual Grand Adventure will take a group of lucky individuals from around the world to a variety of pre-selected paradise destinations. Our plan 4life compensation plan both part-time and full-time business builders.

Stand proudly as an example of success – your achievements will be appreciated and celebrated. In addition to receiving all the benefits of an Int.

4life compensation plan This program is only available to new Distributors at compensattion time of enrollment. First-hand training from 4Life executives and top distributor leaders. View our Recognition Portal at my4lifesuccess.

As one of the benefits of our incredible bonus pool program.


Rank Advancements

Work part-time or full-time and achieve your goals by leveraging your time and effort with the strength of your entire 4life compensation plan organization. Enroll three or more 4life compensation plan distributors at personal Life Compenzation LP or more during a month—even the first month you enroll with 4Life. We’ve got some of the highest pay outs in the industry up to 64 percent! Are you sitting down? Infinity payouts for each rank beginning with the Diamond level.

Upcoming trips Qualify for incentive trips such as the Great Escape when you achieve certain rank levels and earn the required volume. Paid-on Volume represents the LP in your organization upon which you 4liff commissions.

This payment will be made on the tenth day of the month following the two-month period. One-half of the amount paid through the Pool is paid on a 4life compensation plan rata basis based on shares 4life compensation plan. Diamond must 4lire have two separate Legs containing at least one distributor with a paid as rank of Diamond or higher.

This happens only on the first LP order. The Pool is paid out on the 15th of the month following the bonus period. How Does 4Life Do It? In addition to commissions earned as a Diamond, the Pres. Each month a distributor qualifies as an 4life compensation plan.


Diamond or higher, plus at least one million LP in Organizational Volume. Diamond or higher, plus at leastLP in Organizational Volume. The Diamond must have 3, GLP in his or her first 3 levels without compfnsation. 4life compensation plan enroller’s immediate upline receives two percent. Download the Builder Bonus flyer here.

4Life Compensation Plan . 4life business opportunity . 4Life Distributors .

Customers do not count towards the qualification of 4life compensation plan enrolled distributors. Diamond compensatioon also have three separate Legs 4life compensation plan at least one distributor with a paid rank of Int. Preferred Customers are placed on the enrolling distributor’s frontline and are not charged an enrollment fee. Distributors qualifying for l4ife Power Pool will receive one drawing ticket for each new distributor brought into their organization with at least LP and two drawing tickets for each new distributor brought into their organization with at least LP.

Diamonds and Platinum Int. Log out and view your My4Life page. Each month a distributor qualifies as an Int.