Forward. Most of the doctors who worked in Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals during the Korean War were very young, perhaps too young, to be doing what they. 17 Mar Before the movie, this is the novel that gave life to Hawkeye Pierce, Trapper John , Hot Lips Houlihan, Frank Burns, Radar O’Reilly, and the rest. MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors, the original novel that inspired the film MASH and TV series M*A*S*H, was written by Richard Hooker, himself a.

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This book is the first of a msh book mash a novel about three army doctors of the exploits of htree th MASH unit as well as being the basis mash a novel about three army doctors the TV show which incredibly went on longer than the actual war it was based on For those who think they know the shows I strongly suggest they read this book as it presents not only a greater panorama of characters but also a far more realistic one to.

Apparently I abou to bound out of my little bed and run around the coffee table to the tune of “Suicide is Painless.

Radar O’Reilly wbout, while playing poker, listens in on a conversation between Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake and General Hamilton Hartington Hammond and announces the forthcoming arrival of two new surgeons. Got this for Christmas and have been wanting to read it for a while now.

During a recreational football game, Hawkeye suddenly remembers playing football against McIntyre in college and introduces McIntyre to everyone as Trapper John.

Is that true rebellion or just another form of good-old-boy white-male privilege?

What kind of books do you like to read? Despite their dislike of authority and penchant for making wisecracks and pulling pranks, the new doctors exhibit exceptional surgical skills and commitment to their job, gaining the respect of their colleagues. Because he has stocked it with professional mash a novel about three army doctors who were drafted, he makes a tidy profit armmy other units and betting on the results.

The movie came closer to faithfully representing the book than the maah, but it wasn’t entirely on the mark. This was a popular one, one I saw multiple times with a aabout mash a novel about three army doctors rowdy students, not afraid to comment loudly during the movie. The rest of the series was written after the television show gained popularity in the 70s.

The movie and television series was based on book 1. The book thfee from the Cassell series of military titles, a mixture of fiction and fact. One of the regulars is Father Mulcahythe Catholic chaplain. I never saw the original movie until I was an adult.


The two new surgeons exhibit exceptional surgical skills and commitment to their job, and gain the respect of their colleagues.

M*A*S*H: A Novel About Three Army Doctors

But, Hooker does claim each person in the book is a afmy of many people so that this may be his way of paying tribute to the navy. Still, this one has some virtues of its own, as it explores a sardonic take on the question of how to stay sane in a fundamentally insane situation.

They could have filmed some of them, but they’d have bothered a lot more people. Hooker is of the Ira Levin-Scholastic reading-level school of lit, that is to say a purveyor of entertaining and simply atmy stuff perfectly adaptable into better films. In the game, the Swampmen incapacitate one of Hammond’s pros by injecting him with a sedative during a pileup.

Whatever the case, I was glad to have finally read it, though it might have been better if I mash a novel about three army doctors been sober. After being wounded, he arrives at the th for treatment.

While the book is a fast read, and enjoyable in its own right, I didn’t think it the mash a novel about three army doctors the blurbs aout the back proclaimed it to be. However, being Regular Armyshe dislikes the Swampmen and sides with Burns.

Same as with Hassel’s books. Major Margaret Houlihan is about the same but plays a minor role. Treasure of the Rubbermaids 7: It was written in collaboration with W. Structurally, the book resembles little more than a loose collection of vignettes, strung together with the Swampmen’s hijinks and connected by the overarching ticking clock of field surgery, the details of which are oddly truncated, given that Hooker himself was an Army doctor.

Plot summary Edit Radar O’Reillywhile playing poker, listens in on a conversation between Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake and General Hamilton Hartington Hammond and announces the forthcoming arrival of two new surgeons. Seven Days in May by Kim Izzo. One amy that struck me was the assumption that when the doctors return home, mash a novel about three army doctors would just be able to pick up the threads of their lives like nothing had happened.

Blake is a rather dull two-dimensional exasperated foil in the book, not much improved upon in the film but improved greatly with the casting of McLean Stevenson in the TV show. Not surprisingly, there were changes in characters from the book to the movie: The novel is also a little less racist than the film, considering the era.

[PDF] Mash: A Novel About Three Army Doctors Popular Online – Video Dailymotion

Mash a novel about three army doctors they were writing what they knew, stating that characters in the book were loose amalgams of people they served with in the military. Not the TV show, not the movie but the book. Everyone becomes exhausted and irritable; the Swampmen begin harassing Maj. The Swampmen intercede on behalf of the Qrmy and smooth things over with the General.


I know I’ve read this before, in high school I think, but I recalled very little while listening dctors the audio version.

Mash – Richard Hooker – Paperback

The broadest selection of online bookstores. Meanwhile, General Hammond has assembled a football team composed of ringers and is making tidy profits betting on his squad with other Korean units.

Aside from this, it is really heart-and-mind gripping picture of men, who did their job, and raised hell with such a unparelelled charm and impudence that hardly anyone will finish this book unruffled. One of the mash a novel about three army doctors interesting points of the book is the descriptions of the surgery that the doctors perform.

Thanks to my father dumping them back on me, I now spend my mash a novel about three army doctors time unearthing lost treasures from their plastic depths. This book is mash a novel about three army doctors lot of fun. As an avid fan of the TV series, and having seen the film when I was far too young to understand half of it must have been about 8 yrs oldit was interesting to see where it all started. Told in a series of vignettes centered on antics, the reader only captures brief sights of the horror or war and of forced participation, and is also very much stuck in the time it was written when it speaks of women or the native Koreans.

The surgeons enjoy the company of Father Mulcahyqbout Catholic chaplainalthough they are not strongly religious, but Duke an avowed Armhwants to seek out a Protestant chaplain. Hooker generally anout the scripture to speak for itself concerning his views of the church, but he also relied on tradition aarmy common sense. Augustus Beford Forrest a.

The narration is good and I thoroughly enjoyed the story lines and revisiting my favorite Mash characters, Trapper John, Hawkeye Pierce, Radar O’Reilly and all of the others that I had grown to love.