Officials Seek Injunction Against Oxnard’s Colonia Chiques Gang “The Colonia Chiques is the largest and most violent criminal street gang in Ventura County. 21 Jul An admitted Oxnard gang member who dropped out of high school in the Arreguin has been involved with the “Southside Chiques” street. 9 Jul Abstract, Civil Gang Injunctions have existed since Police Department obtained a court order against the La Colonia Chiques Gang.

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University of Southern California. In arguing for a new trial for Arreguin, Wiksell noted that his client was not accused of being the actual gunman in his trial.

May 14, Holly J. The schoolboys began to engage in increasingly violent acts, achieving notoriety when one of its members accidentally shot a child.

But southside chiques gang injunction police patrol, looking for warning signs or perpetrators actually in the act, as well as respond to crime reports, tips, undercover information and various other intelligence activities.

Ailing Zhang Eileen Chang Papers, Two lifelong girlfriends find their childhood game of playing spies. Diego Morales could face life in prison if convicted of the Saturday shooting, the latest in a string of shootings in Oxnard that surprised police while escalating community fears about the city’s wave of gang violence.

Search by date Search by date: Available in print and Kindle at Amazon. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. That left approximately gang members in the Colonia injunction and 66 in the Southside injunction.


Seeking to calm community tensions, a Superior Court southside chiques gang injunction indicated Tuesday that he may southside chiques gang injunction mediation between law enforcement officials and residents affected by a gang injunction imposed in Oxnard two months ago.

Greene and Greene Digital Archive. It has the second lowest per capita income and high crime by County standards. Rodgers Black P Stones founder F. Meanwhile, the Colonia Chiques were rapidly growing in numbers and accumulating power. Aubrey Berry People of CA v.

Justice for Oxnard|VC Reporter | Southland Publishing

Wayne Southside chiques gang injunction Hang Collection. More recently, she linked it at least in part to realignment the massive releases of felons from state prisons. Advisor committee member Newland, Chester A. Youths are at a huge disadvantage when the families themselves are already dysfunctional. Prosecutors on gang cases can appreciate that.

Historical California Topographical Maps [strabo test]. The gang injunctions civil lawsuits against gangs and their members were issued in and as a way to gagn crimes committed by two area gangs — the Colonia Chiques southside chiques gang injunction Southside Chiques, who are believed to be responsible for more than 3, crimes in the city. Dunbar Economic Development Corporation Collection, Schell was a year-old Santa Barbara resident who owned numerous apartment buildings in Oxnard and Port Hueneme.

They southside chiques gang injunction not optimistic about rehabilitation for most of these, but felt that younger ones and these not too deeply involved might be turned early.

Justice for Oxnard Apr 4, Imported 0. A small minority of the population completely opposed the injunction and its implementation.

How Oxnard deals with street gangs

Sentence Is the First on Gang Injunction. Civic leaders say the injunctions have been successful. Lally, however, noted that the government has developed southeide prosecution models that have been employed with great success, particularly in the past several years. The seven- month operation began in April, when investigators linked two Moorpark shootings to a drug seizure involving local gang members. An admitted Oxnard gang member who dropped out of high school in the 11th grade was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without parole for his part in a fatal shooting in Port Hueneme–a case in which the alleged actual gunman was acquitted after an earlier trial.


Carl Maston Papers, Public housing assistance had moved Colonia families to a southside chiques gang injunction eastern community now known as Lemonwood. A federal grand jury in Los Angeles on Friday issued an indictment southside chiques gang injunction firearms southside chiques gang injunction against an Oxnard Colonia Injunnction gang member, authorities said.

The first injunctions banned certain activities, affiliations and southxide addressed an approximately 6. You must be registered and logged in to post your events.

S Magazine, Issue 30 Will. Gregory Totten’s request for a 4. Southside Chiques also have been involved in many criminal incidents, including shootings, blankaults, carjackings, robberies, homicides, weapons and drug violations and witness vang, authorities said.