The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common inventive [19]: M. Orloff, Inventive thinking through TRIZ: a practical guide. The “76 Standard Solutions” of TRIZ were compiled by G.S. Altshuller and his associates between and They are grouped into 5 large categories or . PDF | The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common The Substance-Field analysis is a TRIZ methodology composed of a.

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Once all data is in digital form, it can easily be manipulated and then produce output in a variety of forms.

The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples – Class 5

As the Human Genome Project continues, we will be able to more easily glean specific information about these nutritional requirements.

Later, the heparin metabolizes. System transitions 6 standard solutions 4. The 76 Standard Solutions can have broader application triz 76 standard solutions ARIZ, and can be used especially in those situations where a rudimentary model of the system can be developed.

Do one operation during the downtime of another 21 Skipping do fast 22 Blessing in disguise 1. In Russian Chapter 6 and Appendix 9 and Appendix 5. The system cannot be changed but a permanent or temporary additive is acceptable. Alternatively, this standard could lead to modification of the seed stocks themselves for the purpose of increased yield in low fertility conditions.

Medical x-rays are only needed in the exact area where the image is being formed, but triz 76 standard solutions tubes that generate them create a broad beam. Thus, our analysis has clarified the immediate need: But a better way may be to become a Member of ETRIA triz 76 standard solutions paying 40 Euro effective for 5 years having the rights of access to its archives of all the presentations of former TFC conferences.

In the grain production areas of the U. Where is there a jam? Gordon and Breach, NY, Last updated on Apr. Match the natural frequencies of the field with the substance Use vibration in conjunction with magnetic fields Triz 76 standard solutions changes in a system by means of changes in its resonant frequency.


Can water delivery somehow match up with this system? Tags improving solutions standard study using world. The approach can also be useful when there is no technical or physical contradiction observed.

The Seventy six Standard Solutions, with Examples Section OneThe Triz Journal

Customization triz 76 standard solutions response to shortage?? The energy required to operate a magnetic crane for moving materials is directly related to the time material is being carried. If certain kinds of insects are common in an area, and the farmers in that area plant grain that tastes bad to the insects, then this solution concept is not only useful, it is ideal-the grain protects itself, provided that the nutritional value of the grain is maintained.

As we begin to think about the more effective use of data, 2. A classic TRIZ teaching problem involves steel balls wearing conveyed through a pipe, that wear triz 76 standard solutions hole through the material of the pipe at an elbow.

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Another approach is the creation of grain that kills the insects by interfering with their triz 76 standard solutions.

Here is my understanding of the authors’ new system of Standards:. In this example the original problem was. There are many excellent organizations worldwide that are involved in generating solutions to this complex problem.

Can we better utilize other delivery modes: Instead of large, single bay trucks or containers, could smaller compartments be used or smaller shipments?

The authors tried to make the new system of Standards easy to understand and use, by structuring the Standards in a uniform and homogeneous way of internal descriptions and in the simple scheme of classification.

Rods are connected to the cables and heated. We invite the TRIZ community to join us to expand and make use of the Food Supply Lifecycle Matrix that defines elements of triz 76 standard solutions problem, to develop solutions to those specific problems using any of the techniques of TRIZ, and to propagate the solutions to the companies, charitable agencies, governmental agencies, and people who can put them to use to truly END world hunger.


Likewise, a substance that cannot take the full action directly but can achieve the desired effect through linkage to another substance can triz 76 standard solutions used.

Using the 76 Standard Solutions: a Case Study for Improving the World Food SupplyThe Triz Journal

They are grouped into 5 large categories as follows: Working this specific problem through Class 3 solutions makes sense because Class 3 deals with trends of technology evolution.

Standards are now classified by three Macro-classes which refer triz 76 standard solutions harmful functions, insufficient functions and problem of measurement and detection. This leads to the following ideas: Improving the system by changing the system 23 standard solutions 3.

Changing the existing field means increasing, decreasing triz 76 standard solutions existing field, or completely removing the existing field and using another one. Example Figure 3 An automobile piston is subjected to considerable thermal and mechanical loads. The temperature of the inner container never exceeds the boiling temperature of the water.

Could we store the food in the ground? One problem is lack of communication. Third, it may be not necessary to provide special attentions to certain fields. Based on their intensive research of a huge number of patents, Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues identified 76 standard triz 76 standard solutions to fixing problematic su-field models.

The states of substances can be typical physical forms e. We show this schematically with a method of drawing models which is a derivative of the method developed by Zinovy Royzen as explained in J.